03 December 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for the fact that someone will enjoy the weather today. He may or may not have four feets and a fur suit!

I woke up to discover that there certainly was a snowstorm over night. With my sleepy eyes, I am looking out the window and I groan - I don't wanna go to work today! These kind of days aren't meant for work! They are meant for curling up under blankets and drinking hot chocolate and snuggling close. But noooo, I have to have a job and be responsible... ;)

I'm actually dreading going outside. Not only is it cold and blowing snow but I'll totally ruin my hair if I wear a hat, let alone my eyebrows. The metro will be packed because people won't want to drive today. And worse of all, my Monday to-do list included fixing my boots at the cobbler's since there is a small hole in the seam near the heel. I'm totally going to get a wet sock. I know, insert sad violin music here!

My dog enjoys the snow. I just have to keep thinking about how much fun he will have today, jumping through it and eating it and digging holes. Seeing him have fun makes winter just a little more bearable.

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