21 November 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for finally being able to calm down and fall peacefully asleep. Obviously, I could not be bothered to capture an artistic shot of me tossing and turning in bed, with a frustrated grimace on my face. The vast prairie horizon has become something of peace for me since moving away. It represents my calmness.

I'm up early for work again. I went to be late. I've never been the type that could go to bed when I'm not that tired. I can't just close my eyes and eventually become sleepy. I either have to be sleepy or occupy myself with something that makes me sleepy eventually. When I don't follow these simple rules, I don't sleep or barely sleep at all.

I'm running on less than three hours of sleep. I tossed and turned in bed; feeling hot, feeling cold, thinking-thinking-thinking which eventually turned to anxiety and worrying. I kept thinking of horrible, panicky things because I was so tired in my body but so awake in my mind - worries about flying home for Christmas, dying, etc. Somehow...somehow, I ended up convincing myself to let my body relax and find a sense of calm. Finally, I fell asleep.

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Hello from Julia said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and I love it. May I link you? I started a different kind of 365 blog this year, it's really become a big part of my life. I hope yours is as fulfilling. Have a great day,


Me said...

Hi Julia!

Of course, you can link me! I will do the same!

Oh, I do find it fulfilling. It seems that sometimes I feel uninspired. As though I am writing for someone else and not myself, which isn't the point of a daily gratitude blog. Sometimes I feel too boring when all I want to post about is my dog or beautiful sunny days.

I'm trying to work on something 365 for the new year. It has a name and I think I know what it will be about...but I want to sit on the idea for a while!

Looking forward to reading your 365 projects,