15 November 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for having a relatively productive day at work, which included me training a new employee. Sorry, I have no photo that goes along with this - only a photo of a tree near work!

I don't care for training. I'll usually pass on it if given a choice. However, I had to choice. Training went well - the girl did not drift off into daydreamland, she asked questions (what's up with that?!), and she was quick to learn the computer program. After the training; I kept close eye/ear on her and guided a few other employees on a recruitment search. I wrote a sheet of arguments and translated it into French. It was a busy day and I could have used the help but that's another story best left out of a happy and positive gratitude blog.

Let's just say, sometimes I think I deserve a raise or at least a hearty pat on the back! One more day and it's my weekend! Trust me, I need it right about now.

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