22 November 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for getting my first Christmas card of the season in the mail!

There are so many holiday-haters out there; people who hate Christmas because of the commercialism, who scoff at decorations when it's mid-November, and who get a little too frazzled because of their poor planning skills (for example, shopping days before the day). Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of being in a packed mall while the music overhead is playing that one Christmas carol that I loathe and I can never remember the name but only know it's sung by Paul McCartney. For the most part, I enjoy Christmas because mine is *almost* stress-free - I shop early, I get to see family back home, I decorate the house very minimally, and my partner's family doesn't celebrate (which eliminates a whole pile of stress). I'm one of those people who likes Christmas in all it's colored lights and illuminated snowmen and shimmery snowflakes. I even like the Nativity scene at my mom's, though I am not religious - my cat likes to knock down the sweet baby Jesus with her paw.

I got my first card of the season. It was from my uncle. It has sparkles and it makes me smile.

PS) A few days ago, I posted an entry mentioning that I was grateful that my partner was in a good mood. I just wanted to say, we all get into grumpy moods. We all have our grumpy weeks. I certainly do and I'm sure I'm not rip-roaring fun to live with then! I guess I just wanted to defend myself and my partner because it might have looked bad or made me look like I was painting him out to be a miserable bastard. Well, he's not. He was just grumpy!

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Anonymous said...

note on your post script:

He let you have it didn't he? :P

Anonymous said...

What, he's not a miserable bastard, oh well I did know that.

But most of all he is my favorite (Mr.) Misanthrope.


Me said...

Ha ha....

Well, I just wanted to make note of that just because I got a few comments and emails wondering if things were okay between us. They are...no worries! I should have put a smiley emoticon as that seems to be the only way people on the interweb could determine good moods or bad nowadays!