24 November 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for getting a new telephone at a rock-bottom price. Mind you, it is one of the ugliest telephones ever but it works.

My old telephone was a piece of crap. I had it for years and even brought it with me when I moved to Montreal. I don't know why I kept it. Perhaps, sentimental reasons? Perhaps, it was because it was and still is a "good phone" - you just have to know how to use it. You needed a Fonzie-meets-my-Dad touch with it - give a slight nudge and if it doesn't work, slam it against the table. My partner just couldn't stand it any longer.

It was time to get a new phone. What I really want is a 40's retro or repro Monster phone. You know, a big and heavy clunker of a telephone with a big and heavy handset. The kind of telephone that makes me looks pretty. That one was for you, Parris, ha ha!

So I took home this telephone. It's so ugly that it makes me smile. It doesn't have buttons that you press - it's just a pad of numbers. Not only that! It has a built-in night light! When I'm not using the phone, I can use it as a calculator (unfortunately, I cannot calculate figure while talking on the phone). And get this! If I wanted to put a telemarketer or a certain annoying acquaintance on hold...it has on-hold music. And it's terrible "music" too! We're talking bad, 80's video game music of a classical tune that is apparently ear bleeding loud (according to both Parris and Michelle).

It's ugly...but it works!

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Mr. Mantia said...

How random that it comes with a nightlight & 8-bit on hold music.

Me said...

I know! Haha...ah, at least it works.

Kim Thomas said...

This phone just made me smile and laugh! I want one! LOL