26 November 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for feeling a little closer to my father last night by watching the football game.

Yes, I realize my photograph does not match what I am grateful for today. Being a fan of NOT watching football means no football or sporting related photos. As well, I'm pretty sure my father does not want his face plastered all over the internet so I have to respect his privacy. So this is what you get - a photo of my dog playing with a tiny red football. Go team Toshio!

Last night was the Grey Cup - Canada's final game of the season for the best two teams of the CFL. My home town was playing, Winnipeg, against fellows prairies team Saskatchewan (although a lot of the players are now Americans, so I think that kind of takes the Canadian out of the Canadian Football League). I watched the game in full - which I think is a first for me - if you don't count that brief nap I took in the second quarter. I watched because I knew my father was watching. And I miss my dad.

I was hoping to post a blog today about how grateful I am for seeing my hometown be proud of something, even if it is via a sporting event. Alas, Winnipeg lost. Though I find huge sports fans a little too intense, I like the pride it brings to my city because Winnipeg is a city that doesn't hold its head high like other cities in Canada. It's unfortunate.

Anyway, watching the game made feel a little closer to my father and that made me happy. Now if I could only understand the game...

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Mr. Mantia said...

I used to like football when I was a kid. Then I grew out of it. It's the only sport I will tolerate watching on TV. Canada & the US should combine leagues so it is all north america playing together in a big orgy of testosterone driven madness.

Me said...

I liked baseball and basketball as a kid - never really played though, just watched. But then I think puberty hit and boys and makeup became more interesting, haha. No big loss.

I think at one point there was an American team on the CFL but the idea didn't go over well. I don't think Canadians would like the idea of a combined NFL/CFL though it would sell lots more tickets to games. Apparently, the rules are different for football in Canada.

That's the rumour anyway, haha.