30 November 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for taking the time out of a busy day to laugh to yourself.

Someone recently spray painted this sign near my home, right in front of a high school and the metro station. And no, it wasn't me. Every time I walk past this message, I can't help but giggle to myself even though I'm not one for spray painting and graffiti. The message just looks so happy.

The other day, I wrote dog a very short list of things that made me laugh. It is only short because I was at work. Nonetheless, I thought I would share them with you.

- As I was listening into a call (this is my job), the on-hold music was Blue Oyster's "Don't Fear the Reaper". I immediately thought of that skit on SNL with Will Ferrell in the too-tight sweatshirt, bad 70s sunglasses, and a cowbell.

- Before work, I was making breakfast. I put a spoon of peanut butter in Rice Crispies - don't ask me why, but it tastes good. As quietly as I open the jar, my dog always knows. It's like 6:30 in the morning, he is all crashed out in bed, but the moment I open the peanut butter jar he comes running to the kitchen. The funny thing is is that he looks so sleepy. He looks like a child on Christmas morning; very sleepy eyes, excited, wrinkled pajamas (which in this case, is a wrinkled fur suit).

- Okay. Just to get it straight. I'm not laughing at anyone for any reason other than the name so don't be offended with me. We had to call a woman named Ms. McFatridge. And I've been working long days so it made me laugh. At my job before this one, I had to call - not listen!- companies and ask for people by name to confirm general company details. Well, I had to speak to a company called Kuntz and speak to a Mr. Kuntz - in an open concept office, which meant no walls or cubicle to hide in. And the name was pronounced in *that* way.

-Giggle fits, mostly due to being sleep deprived. About nothing really.

- The guy at work who keeps getting called Madame.

Okay, maybe not so funny to you....but after a 10 hour or 13.5 hour day, it's funny to me. You know what's not funny? Me having to go to work on my day off today....I better witness something giggly silly today!

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Mr. Mantia said...

wow, Kuntz would have made me lagh for shure. Once I hit boredom or delerium I cant keep a straight face
if my life counted on it. At my work we have a coloring book about safety.
One of the pages is of a kid catching on fire & another is of a kid choking on food. The idea of a kid coloring these upsetting images usually has me laughing in no time.

Sinia said...

LOL I used to keep a notebook to write down the silly names I'd come across at work. Too bad I can't remember any of them. And the dude that kept being called Madame, why do I have a feeling his name starts with a C?