17 November 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for realizing how precious life is. For appreciating all the good people in our lives that make a difference, no matter if they are close to us or passing acquaintances. For learning from the strength of others. For memories of good times and bad.

I went on Facebook today and discovered that one of my friends passed away. I was not close friends with Leah but I knew her from back home; we had mutual friends, we would talk whenever we ran into one another, and we talked online here and there. She had been battling a brain tumour for quite some time.

What struck me about Leah was that she had amazing strength and courage. She had the most positive attitude. Whenever I did see her, when I lived back home, she always had the brightest smile on her face. We can learn a lot from her strength and attitude. I have a hard time believing this - I've never lost a friend before - that we have all these days with people within a circle of friends and the next day, they are gone. I feel just a little bit more older today.

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Jacob M. said...

About a year ago I found out one of my friends was murdered. she had been dating some new guy & I never heard from her again. I dunno if he was controlling or if she just spent alot of time with him. Turns out the police named him as a suspect & he was in a standoff with them and was killed too. She worked in an animal shelter & was sucha kind person. Theres so many things that you never tell friends or you tell them but they just dont grasp the deepness of what you say. Death finalizes everything and nomatter what it's always hard to accept that they will be no more.
Thank you for listening to me, writing letters and just staying in touch for all these years.youve truely left your mark in my memory & heart.
your just as much my friend as somone who I hang out with on a regular basis.

Me said...

Wow, that's crazy. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. :(

And thank you for listening to me too! You're a great friend and hopefully one day we can all hang out! :)