24 October 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for spending some quality time with myself today. Judging by this photo, I should be also be grateful that I now own some quality hand cream too! Yikes, my skin looks so dry!

I went out today. I've been a little strapped for cash lately. This week-long work break turned into three weeks and it financially frightened me. I got the word yesterday that work is indeed starting up again so I went out to celebrate! Well, not really. I went out to find my dog a new collar for his harness set-up. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I spent some time wandering around some shops and picking up some odds and ends (greeting cards, muffin liners, etc). The stores are already getting Christmas items out and the aisles were empty due to the frenzy of last minute Halloween shoppers. I walked around and smiled at the ornaments and decorations. I browsed around at a budget book stand and found a $1.99 poetry chapbook for friend. I talked with a girl from a shop that recognizes me as a customer - I have to appreciate that because that's how I was when I worked in retail. I admired the selection of all kinds of wool at one shop. I even got free candy from some Halloween promotion that is going on in the mall. It was just a really pleasant afternoon and I had the best company of all - myself!

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