03 October 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for trying a new recipe and making my first ever loaf of bread!

I've wanted to make bread for a long time. I suppose I was intimidating by the thought of it. I imagined it would take a long time. I imagined that my skills with dough wouldn't be up to par. I thought it would be a lot of effort and the outcome would be a doughy mess!

I made bread last night. My grandmother gave me a thin recipe book from the 60's. I made cinnamon buns ages ago from this book and knew the recipes work. My first loaf of bread was a success! It was time consuming but it was easy. It made a lot of dishes to clean (which will be done today) but the apartment smelled of freshly baked bread. It tasted great, especially with a hot bowl of vegetable soup. I'm rather proud of myself! I know it would be easier to just get a bread machine but there is something about doing this with your own hands. I got a sense of satisfaction that I made this wonderful loaf of bread with my own two hands.

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Anonymous said...

The bread looks great.

Stay away from bread machines. Me and V received one as a gift when we were married. You start finding every excuse to make different types of bread (pumpkin, walnut, cranberry, etc) and unfortunately all you do is eat it immediately with lots of butter and jellies. It's the devil's tool. hahaha

After that we started making scones and that is a whole different story.


Me said...

Haha....the devil's tool? Yeah, I could see that happening here. Z eats bread like it's candy, especially fresh, home-made bread. Of course, the guy is incapable of "fattening-up".

Mmm, scones. I haven't attempted that but they sure are tasty!


Anonymous said...

The secret to moist and excellent tasting scones is to substitute orange juice instead of adding water as typically instructed.

Several years ago we use to buy scones from a local shop and they were delicious. I would ask who made them and the owner would always evade me and just say an old friend made them for him. We wanted the recipe badly and went on a quest to make good scones. We bought all types of mixes and also tried making them from scratch. But we could not match those great tasting scones.

One day while channel surfing I saw a cooking show making biscuits and they were adding orange juice instead of water.

I knew right then the secret to great scones was doing the same substitution...and it worked.

The scones we made were perfect and tasted as good and even better than what we use to buy.

You should try it. Also buy frozen strawberries and let them thaw briefly and throw them into the scone mix. A perfect compliment to the taste of scones.