23 October 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for my strange, strange dog that likes the oddest things.

One thing we have discovered about our dog is that he thoroughly enjoys being dried off when he comes inside, after a rainy walk and even when it isn't raining. When he comes inside, he'll sit patiently and eagerly by the door with a happy smile on his face. He'll stick out his paw even before I have a chance to grab the towel. I take my time to dry him off as I like giving him the extra attention and I'm rather amused by it. If only he could sit so still when we put his harness on!

And he also smells like pancakes. Isn't that odd!?

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1 comment:

Solomon Broad said...

I find my dog so rewarding. She's a bit highly strung, but it's all fun.