12 October 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for finding a new plant to nurse back to health.

So, for our anniversary, we went to Home Depot. Ha ha, what a fancy outing! We had to get a new coffee grinder as ours broke in the middle of grinding our morning coffee. I convinced my partner to walk through the plant section. We came across another carnivorous plant and it looked miserable. I knew we had to take it home.

Now, I would never recommend going to Home Depot to buy a carnivorous plant. All their plants look completely miserable and far from taken care of. Plus, you never know where Home Depot acquires these plants (possibly illegally). Not to mention, the staff at this location are utterly stupid but that's besides the point. Anyway, I couldn't resist saving another carnivorous plant life. This one is a Cobra Plant.

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Marie said...

looks miserable but interesting too! I didn't know Cobra plant before, but I felt something musical when I saw this pic first. It looks like...uhmm...clef or the end of instruments, doesn't it?

Me said...

It is an interesting plant...but more so when they are healthy! And you're right, there is something musical about this plant. Mine is looking better, slowly but surely. It's coming close to its dormant period so I don't expect it to look marvelous until next spring!