21 October 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for taking a moment to clean up the paperwork that is stored away in my closet.

Okay, don't laugh at my fancy storage system of old shoe boxes. Sure, they aren't pretty but they do the job. I could have very well taken photos of the part of my closet where my classy storage boxes are but it would have revealed another mess unrelated to the paperwork I was organizing today. As well, I wanted to show you that I, too, have my own skeleton in my closet!

Anyway, I'm not the most organized person. Over the last few months, I have collected a pile of receipts and important letters and credit cards statements and so on and so forth. I didn't put things back where they belong as usual and I let it pile up. I know I could easily neglect this chore and forget about it until it's tax return time and I'm rummaging through boxes and boxes to find a certain receipt (while throwing a tantrum). So, I took care of it today and accomplished it as quick and thorough as I could! It was far too nice out today to be cleaning anyway!

PS) The paper bag holds some early Christmas shopping goodies! Yippee!

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