21 October 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for the amazing colors that autumn brings!

I'm fascinated with this tree. Yes, the bright yellow one. It is just a few foot steps down from our apartment. I'll be frank with you. It's one of those trees that you walk by every day and never really notice it. It's just there and you never seem to pay attention.

The days of summer are coming to an end and you scurry past with your hands in your pockets in an attempt to keep warm. You try to find warmth in everything around you - your partner, thick sweaters, daydreams of tropical beaches. And then you look up at the tree, the tree you never noticed before. The color fills your eyes and makes you smile and you think to yourself, what a mighty fine tree!

This tree also reminds me of Big Bird but saying that kind of ruins this story! Caw! Caw!

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KMF said...

woundefull shot

Me said...

Aww, thanks!

Solomon Broad said...

That tree is stunning! I see one on my way to and from work that looks like it's caught fire. It's reddish-brown at the top, and shading down through orange, then yellow and then green at the bottom. It's really stunning.