15 October 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for a successful doctor's appointment with an ear specialist!

Sorry, I couldn't find a good picture of my ear and my batteries need to be charged for my camera. This morning, I went to an ear specialist. He was a cool man, very nice and full of positive humor. To be honest, as I was sitting in the waiting area, every person that was leaving his room left with a laugh. And so did I. That makes for a good doctor, I think. Anyway, ever since last year's severe ear infection, my ears have been feeling a little wonky. It's nothing that serious but I like to be cautious. Whenever I am walking and there's someone on a bicycle behind me, I don't hear them right away. If I am walking behind someone who is talking to me, I don't really know what they are saying. At the end of my work week (I wear headphones at work), my ears feel sensitive when I breathe in. I think I'm allowed to be concerned.

He took a look at my ears and said they looked fine. He referred me to another clinic to undergo a hearing test. Unfortunately, the waiting list is roughly six months.

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Anonymous said...

Get the hearing test. I am hearing impaired (so PC) or as they use to say partially deaf. I wear a hearing aid. Fortunately with understanding people I get along very well. I can hear most voices and most music. When there is a lot of background noise I can barely hear at all. I cannot differentiate between all of the noises. I cannot hear as you said some things behind me, crickets, some birds and various bells and whistles. I am sure there are a lot of other things I cannot hear (because I cannot here them, duh) but it could be worse. Take care of your hearing.

Marie said...

I don't think there would be someone who cares this is not a picture of your ear - You look gorgeous in it :) Good luck for your ears!

Me said...

Hey OilCanD...

Yes...I'm on a waiting list for one. It should be under six months, according to the receptionist. I take better care of my ears now, since that terrible ear infection I had last summer. I'll keep them covered when it's cold out, etc. I'll be sure to let you know what the results of my hearing test are!

Sometimes I wish I could choose what not to hear - like hiphopper teenagers squealing away in the subway station, grr!