01 October 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for having a week off of work. It hurts my wallet but it helps my head.

There's a break between projects at work so I have a week off. I hope to accomplish many little things. Firstly, I want to tidy up the apartment. We have a couple of friends in town from Victoria and I hope that they will come to meet Toshio and see our new apartment (well, not so new now). I want to bake bread - I have never done it before so if I do, I will definitely take a photo. I want to go to the MAC counter and get me some more Russian Red lipstick. I want to spend an afternoon thumbing through books at the used bookstore in our neighborhood. I should write. My partner has a show on the 7th as his surf band is playing. I want to sleep in!

Wish me luck!

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