26 October 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for having an amazing week for receiving mail. My mailbox and I were completely spoiled this week!

I love getting mail. Oh, do I ever. Especially when it is fun mail - meaning, no bills or flyers or random pieces of junk mail. I'm talking about real mail, with lovely letters and postage stamps and handwritten cards. Nothing makes me happier sometimes than a mailbox full of goodies for me!

Mail inventory:
- a card from Parris that made me laugh. Now I can only imagine him in a rowboat.
- a card from Nicole that made me smile.
- a Halloween card that came by registered post, from my uncle Ben.
- a long letter from Jill.
- a envelope from Jacob that contained a letter and three Halloween themed CDs.
- another one of my mom's care packages that was full of treats like tons of Halloween candy, a birthday gift and treats for Toshio, a cherry blossom binder, a leopard print umbrella, hot chocolate packets, soup packets, Halloween pencils, a keychain that "woofs" and excites my dog, etc.

I'm loved!!! Yippee!!!

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Marie said...

I love sending mail. I may send you a mail this Christmas. who know? :)

Jacob said...

no matter how technology advances, nothing with beat a tangible object made by somone.