05 October 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for not breaking my neck last night. It does sound kind of funny but I am seriously. I'm grateful that my little accident, if you will, wasn't as bad as it could have been. I must have an angel watching out for me.

What I do have, other than an angel, is an often insane dog. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love my dog. Lately, he's been getting a little too riled up, especially at night. And I have realized this - my dog views me as on his level and not his master (mistress sounds kinda dirty, ha ha). I have to change that about the way I am with my dog.

Getting back to last night and my insane, but lovable, dog. He ran in a full speed gallop at me when I wasn't looking. He got me from behind. He literally swept me off my feet. My feet were in the air and I landed on the back of my head. If I landed differently...if there was a rock there...if it was on cement...if it was this or if it was that, it simply could have been a lot worse. This was the kind of fall that makes it on youtube, ha ha. There I was, curled up on the grass with tears in my eyes (hey, what can I say? I'm a big suck when I get hurt) while my partner was scolding the dog (which hurt me even more that falling on my head). Sigh.

This morning...the hurt set in. Ouch, I'm sore. I'm sore but very grateful.

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