09 September 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for having my friend in town for the weekend and for stumbling upon things in Montreal that I never knew existed.

The best part about having someone in from out of town is that you get to do a lot of sight seeing. Sometimes, people bash those who act like tourists. Well, we did act like tourists and we didn't care. When you live in a city, you forget about all these little things that drive tourists to your town. You get caught up in work and saving money and managing your time. You never take an afternoon to explore your own city. With Ren being in town, as well as Nicole a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon so many little stores and museums and sights that I never even noticed before. How cool is that?!

By the way, this is a photo of Ren standing next to a piece of the Berlin Wall. Nope, didn't know that was there either!

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