02 September 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...that my dog did not get sprayed by a skunk last night.

I know I posted an entry like this a few months back. I have never had to deal with a skunky dog but I can only imagine what a mess that would be. I think the fact that he had another close call gives me the full right to say that, once again, I am grateful that he left that skunk alone. Whew!

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Anju said...

hey....wow, I hadn't realised that I was on your blogroll! I really like this picture of your dog...he looks so innocent - as if he was incapable of annoying a skunk! :p

Me said...

Hi Anju!
Yes! You are on my blogroll! :) I like reading your blog!

And yes...my dog is probably capable of annoying a skunk! Unfortunately! He just thinks it's another small dog and starts to bounce around the skunk. It's kind of funny until you think about having to deal with a stinky dog at midnight!