03 September 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for all the good memories I have from working at my old job back home.

I used to manage a music store. Everyone thinks working at a music store is full of fun and good music and no responsibilities. Au contraire! It was fun but it was full of stress at times - it was retail, after all. There was some good music but the store was located in a mall - needless to say, we had to play pop pablum, as my partner would call it. And yes, there was plenty of responsibilities for me to ensure that the store would run smoothly. I loved almost every minute of it though, especially those mornings when I worked with Kevin and Holly - knee slapping music, the Darkness, Roboto and The Captain, and making my minions vacuum at the end of the day while I laughed inside. Good times, indeed!

This photo is of me on Halloween at CDPlus. I was dressed as a mechanic/Rosie the Riveter. No one really got it except for one man who said that I couldn't be a real Rosie because they didn't allow the color green dye to be used in wartimes. Anyway, I got a lot of "Oh, cute! You're a farmer!". Grr!

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