07 September 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for helping my cat back home win a contest!

When I was back home, I went to the pet food store with my mom. I saw a poster for a "cutest pet" contest. Since I took this photo of her, I thought what the heck. I'll enter her in since I believe she IS the cutest cat ever. Of course, she looks all moody and film-noir here rather than cute and playful.

I couldn't help but smile when my mom called to tell me the good news. Tiki won! What a riot! She received a 7lbs. bag of fancy indoor cat food and a cat book, which I'm sure she is anxious to take a nap on.

In sadder news, Chester the cat that lives on our balcony doesn't look so good these last few days. I thought it could be the heat but I think it's worse than that. He doesn't smell very good and he could not close his mouth. There was yellowish drool hanging in a glob on his chin. He seems to be not in pain but it breaks my heart nonetheless. My neighbor that feeds him told his negligent owner that he isn't in the best of shape and I haven't seen him all night. It makes me sad.

And by the way, I might be late again with Saturday's post. I have a friend coming in from Vancouver for the day (she's work in the airline biz) so I'll be kept busy, I assume!

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Me, Myself, & I said...

Congrats! Cute kitty.