01 August 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for all the tastes of home.

On the second day of my trip, I was well rested and ready to tear Manitoba apart with my presence! First thing on my agenda was to get a Slurpee from 711. Manitoba was disgustingly hot when I was out there and I needed to cool down. As well, there are no 711s in Quebec so I had to give into my craving! I had a huge and silly smile on my face until I got a massive "brain freeze". By the way, Manitoba is the Slurpee capitol of the world.

I saw my grandmother that day. I missed her so much! While we were there, my mom handpicked some potatoes and peas from the garden. Nothing beats fresh garden vegetables, I kid you not! My grandmother, mother, and I sat around the table eating raw peas from the garden.

Later in the evening, my mom made her famous dish - new potatoes from the garden, in a creamy sauce with fresh dill. It is to die for. Man, I ate so much "mom food" on my trip!

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Vanessa Reynoso said...

Oh...I love the slurpies...My favorite is mixing the cherry & coke flavors. Hmmm....makes me want to have one soon.

Me said...

I know! They didn't have the cherry flavor so I was stuck with Dr. Pepper! Oh well. They never have lime either and that saddens me!