28 August 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for not wiping out too bad this morning.

I admit it. Sometimes I laugh when people trip over their own feet or fall down on ice. No, I don't laugh when it's a really bad accident. That would be just plain old mean. I'm a clumsy person myself so when I laugh, I'm really laughing at myself.

I fell down this morning. And yes, I chuckled at myself. I was shooing Toshio away from nibbling on an animal carcass. I called him and he came to me but ended up tripping me. I fell on my hands and knees (sexy!), causing my palm to bleed and the knee of my jeans to have a big grass stain. I cursed for a moment until Toshio ran to me with his ears back as though he knew he did something wrong and with a look of concern on his puppy dog face. I'm grateful that I didn't land in a pile of animal carcass and that no one was there to laugh at me, haha.

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