14 August 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for taking care of my health.

So, I couldn't exactly find a health related photograph in my collection nor did I want to take a photo of myself getting blood taken this morning. This is a photograph of a box of Nutty Club popcorn. I'm healthy so I should be glad I haven't joined the Nutty Club? Makes sense to me!

As I said, I had blood work scheduled this morning. I feel healthy and I'm proud of myself for taking care of my health by regularly seeing a doctor. Family doctors are hard to find and so was my courage to see one. I am and I'm comfortable with the notion. I should be grateful for my courage too.

(Don't you just love this popcorn box!? You'd think it's retro but it's not! It's a company in Winnipeg, for those wondering. )

I'm also grateful for my early afternoon nap. Not only do I feel better rested, but I always have the weirdest of dreams that keep me entertained long after I awake. This time, I was dating Travis Barker of Blink 182 (he's the drummer, right?) and I was helping him put on foundation, then I was checking out his Marvin the Martian tattoo on his inner thigh, haha. I spent the rest of the dream following some crimes related to guitar message boards while brushing my teeth in the pouring rain.

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