07 August 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for catching up with old friends.

On the eighth day of my trip, I went into Winnipeg with the intention of getting my haircut and picking up my new frames.

Stupid me, I failed to take a photo of my beautiful hairstylist Victoria and me. That's what I should have done. I haven't seen Vic in a number of years. I haven't seen Vic as her normal self in even more years. Without going into detail, I'll simply say Vic's been through a lot. Seeing her again and seeing that same old smile on her face was something else. She's such a special girl and I don't think she realizes it. She exudes a certain aura that makes her beautiful while making you feel beautiful as well, if that makes any sense. She just has this amazing smile that lights up a room and has an awfully pure heart. Not only that, she does wicked hair. You can't really tell here, but my hair looked so awesome before stepping out into the humidity and wind. I have this knack of booking hair appointments on the worst possible days.

As well, I ran into another beautiful friend of mine that I did take a photo of. I'm not sure if he would agree to having his photo pasted in my photoblog here but I guess we'll find out. It was nice seeing him again. He has a certain way about him that puts me at ease while keeping me on my toes. And that's all I'll say about that!

Being back in downtown Winnipeg made me think back on the many years I worked there. I used to wish with all my might to be anonymous as I was so done with being recognized and stopped by acquaintances to exchange pleasant hellos. I moved to a place where I am anonymous. And I miss each and everyone of those acquaintances and friends and old customers from the store. I miss hearing about their favorite bands or talking shop, I miss catching up with the people I affectionately titled my intimate strangers. Though a small city can often feel stifling, there is something about living in a big city that leads to feeling lonely.

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