16 August 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for the cat that is spending his retirement living on our balcony.

I've posted and written about this cat before. We call him Chester. He's been living on our shared balcony (mostly on my neighbor's side) since the spring. He's been a bit of a mystery to us. He showed up one day and just decided to live here. I like him a lot - he has a peaceful soul, he's completely lazy, and he treats his living space with respect (meaning, no marking his territory). Once, we let him inside and my partner decided to turn on the vacuum to scare him out. He sat there and stared at the fridge. My partner even vacuumed his back and he didn't give a care. The only bad thing I can say about this cat is that his breath is deadly, like morning breath times ten.

Chester used to sleep on our doormat. Since then, he graduated to a small but open cardboard box lined with blankets. After that, he went on to living in a cardboard box with a hole cut out - it was full of blankets and the box itself was covered in a garbage bag to make it waterproof. Now, his days are spent living in a Rubbermaid container - like the box, it is full of blankets and there is a hole cut out for him. It's something else to see a cat living in a Rubbermaid container. I should really take a photo of that!

Anyway, Chester's owner showed up on the doorstep a few days ago. I was wondering if she and our neighbor's were negotiating visitation rights. She was wondering where he disappeared to but seemed in no way wanting to take the cat back with her. The cat, we discovered, is sixteen years of age. There has to be a reason why the cat just all of a sudden chose not to go home. Perhaps; better food, more affection, and a Rubbermaid container house full of furry blankets? Regardless, I am rather fond of seeing Chester and I've grown to worry about him when he leaves his container house. I'm grateful of this kitty and for knowing my neighbor's are taking good care of him.

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