09 August 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

The Selkirk Water Tower in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Selkirk bridge over the infamous Red River.

Statue in Selkirk's new waterfront walk. Voyageurs? Vikings? Buh?

Looking onto the once bustling Manitoba Avenue.

...for spending the day close to home.

On the tenth day of my vacation, I was struck with the reality that my trip was winding down. It always makes me fill a little hollow and it pulls at my heart. I have to put on my best face, however, and make the the most of it. I have to keep a cheerful attitude, if you will, so that my family won't get sad alongside of me. Usually at this point in my holidays back home, I start to rush around and try and get everything down, see those that I have yet to see. It leaves me a bit frazzled and makes me just want to stick close to home.

I spent the day with my family. My sister came out to visit - we all went shopping, driving around town, and enjoyed a big meal together. Later in the evening, my hard-working friend Dineen picked me up for a late night coffee at Tim Horton's. Ah, I miss that girl - my "sex kitten"! She is one of the friends that totally makes an effort to see me even though she just bought a house and is renovating, even though she has barely a day off in her busy, stressful schedule of being a paramedic.

Yep, my trip was winding down and I was starting to feel a little blue.

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