02 August 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for old memories and old friends.

On the third day of my trip, I went out of a night on the town. A small bunch of us went to the old bar that we used to go to. I spent most of my early to mid-20s at this little club called Die Maschine. I met so many people there, danced to so many songs, and drank one too many drinks there.

They are finally closing the old haunt come the end of August. They are turning it into an American Apparel shop. I wanted one last dance with Die Maschine, one last beer with my friends before it closes.

Well, what can I say. The bar was the same, the music was the same...but the crowd! Wow, talk about age difference. I believe I was the oldest female in the bar. The crowd was between 18 to 20 and they looked like they were wearing their mother's clothes. And they took the 80s look a little too seriously (it was 80s night). I mean, there was a man in a unitard there. A unitard! I was disappointed but at least I have my memories.

On another note of gratitude, when I was outside of the club, I ran into my old acquaintance Noel. He is this guy that I used to randomly run into all the time. I would run into him so much and at so many strange places - it was something else - that we eventually struck up conversations. So, of course, I ran into him again! It's nice running into people at random. I don't experience that enough in Montreal.

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