19 August 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for being noticed and appreciated.

Yesterday afternoon, I was looking around at which blogs and websites link to this little gratitude blog of mine. I was surprised to see my blog linked to a site called GenPink. Turns out, I was listed as an outstanding woman blogger! Wow!

I was totally surprised and grateful! It gave me such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I didn't start this blog to get noticed. I did it for myself, hoping to meet some people along the way that appreciate the simple things in life just like myself. What an honor!

And today is my 200th post! Thanks to everyone who finds a little something special in this little blog of mine.

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Chad Oneil said...

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog, I appreciate it.

I enjoyed your image and story about the cat ;)

elysa said...

How fun that getting added to the list correlates with your 200th post.

I was actually the one to add you to the list. I subscribed to your blog through my reader in the beginning of June. I wish I could tell you how I found it but I am not sure.

I love the concept of your blog. I hope that being on the list will allow you to meet more people.

Me said...

Thanks for adding me! :) It made me feel all giddy and excited!


Wendy said...

I always knew you were outstanding ;)

Congrats on the 200th post! Woot!