11 August 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

Chuck the Channel Catfish in Selkirk, Manitoba - Catfish Capitol of the World, apparently.

Goat at Pine Ridge Hollow, near Oakbank, Manitoba.

Pot bellied pig at Pine Ridge Hollow, near Oakbank, Manitoba.

Prairie skies and farmland, near Gunton, Manitoba. Turned out darker than actually was.

The view from my cousin's house in the country. I love the contrast of shade and bright prairie fields.

...for finally seeing some old friends at the last minute and for having laughs with my family.

It was my full day of being back home. It was action packed, laced with a tinge of sadness. I spent some time with my folks and started to pack up all my belongings. As usual, I had not enough room in my suitcase. Remind me to bring my second suitcase at Christmas. In the middle of the afternoon, my friends picked me up. I haven't seen them yet so better late than never. Angie, her new-ish boyfriend Mitch, Courtenay, and I went for a classy lunch at this place in the country called Pine Ridge Hollow. It was a quaint teahouse of sorts, with a lovely garden and cute gift shop. We had a great meal, laughed a bit. Angie gave me a set of French Kitty note cards and Courtenay gave me a funny erotic romance novel to read on the plane (or elsewhere, heh). It was nice to finally meet Mitch too. He seems like a real stand-up guy. Afterwards, we checked out their small petting zoo - a couple of rabbits, a couple of goats, and a pot bellied pig. Ah, goats always have such a great expression on their faces.

I ended up staying a little too long with friends and family got a little irked at me. We may or may not have had a little blow-up. All my stress came out about being away from home and being away from my other home, feeling pulled in all directions. I feel bad about it. I am such a calm person in Montreal and with friends but it is so easy for me to be all yell-y and scream-y with my family. That eventually blew over and we went to visit my grandmother.

In the evening, my sister and I drove to the country to visit my cousin Nicole. When we were kids, we used to watch music videos and SCTV and laugh our asses off. We had so many private jokes that only we would understand. We're still like this today. So, we sat around and ate food, laughed about a certain commercial on TV ("...did you hear what I said? Free!"), and stayed up late talking on her patio under the huge night sky, full of stars and bats. I stayed up a little too late (I still had to pack!) but it was well worth it.

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