20 August 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for leaping forward and getting the job done well ahead of schedule. And, yes, for my crazy dog Toshio too!

I spent the last few days cleaning. I'm not a fan of cleaning. I like it when the apartment is clean and I like it when everything is well organized. However, I hate the act and art of cleaning house. I hate it so much that I wear something on the sexy side so I have some fun at cleaning. Anyway, my friend is coming to Montreal tomorrow and I needed the place to be clean and tidy for her. I'm still working out the fine details (like sweeping up the massive amounts of dog fur that ends up in the strangest places) but I'm way ahead of schedule. Everything, except the floor, is looking all nice and shiny. I'm giving myself a pat on the back as we speak!

As well, I finally uploaded all of my photos on my Flickr page. Clicky clicky for my vacation photos as well as other random shots.

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