13 August 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for my father.

I got a little caught up with my show-and-tell of my holidays that I forgot to add something that I am truly grateful for. This was supposed to be posted on the 5th of August which is my dad's birthday.

I love my dad, plain and simple. And plain and simple, I am grateful for him.

I bought him something really cool off eBay and it's now officially belated. I got him this very cool remote controlled UFO, as he is a big UFO nut. After three plays, it crapped out. I'm in the process of returning it, if the seller ever gets back to me. I was surprised at myself for coming up with such a fun gift idea for once! Needless to say, I was awfully disappointed when it broke. He would have found it so much fun to play with it (and torment my mother and cat with it too). Hopefully, it will all work out and he'll get his UFO sooner than later!

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Anonymous said...

Is that the same UFO Toshio was playing with? And you wonder why it's broken. :P

Me said...

Yeah, but we only played with it three times. I was talking to this kid on YouTube and he told me that he plays with his everyday and nothing is wrong with his.

It's not like Toshio bit it or pawed at it! Bah!


Kim Thomas said...

Happy Birthday, Dad!