07 August 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for rediscovering memories and revisiting old laughs with lost friends.

On the seventh day of my holidays, I slacked off on taking photos. I can't even remember what I did that day. I spent time alone in my old bedroom, digging through old books and old photographs and old music. I have boxes of old cassettes and mixed tapes from friends and a stack of CDs that I never have room in my suitcase for. I came across this mixed CD from my old co-worker Gerard. We used to have a blast together at the salon we worked at. Not only that, we used to get into some rather nasty spats that involved throwing pencils. We'd always make up though by sharing a dessert at the coffee shop or spending a little too much money on Margarita Mondays at a nearby lounge. We used to make the "Sue Ellen face" at each other (if you watched Dallas, you would know what I mean) and pretend we were in Sex in the City and dance around the salon to all kinds of ridiculous music. When I came across this CD, I had to laugh. I'm not a fan of NSync or Cher but listening to this CD makes me so incredibly happy nonetheless. Wherever Gerard is, I hope he is well.

PS) Sorry for the delayed entry. My internet was down for the entire day yesterday (Monday).

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