10 August 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for getting the chance to say "bye for now".

Ah, my trip was truly winding down at this point. It was my eleventh day and time felt like it was running out. I spent the day in Winnipeg, first going for lunch with my friend Marcia (once again failed to take a photo!) and then meeting up with Parris before going back to my folks. Bah, I hate saying bye. It's never fun. It's never easy. Especially with those who brighten your day and make you laugh until you are just about in tears. I guess being apart from those kind of people truly make you appreciate them much, much more.

In the evening; my sister, brother-in-law, and I went over to Michelle and Curt's place where I got mildly liquored up on my "holiday gin" (I have a big bottle of Bombay Saphire that I keep stashed behind my bed so I always have a little something to drink when I am at home, haha!). I even played a wicked card game of war with Michelle's daughter - I lost. It was a good night, hanging out and drinking just a little. I guess you can say, I'm grateful for my old friends, too. I have known Michelle the longest - we met when we were three years old. Ah, the stories we can tell!

PS) This isn't the most flattering photo of me. I was feeling really sad and beat from the humidity.

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