03 August 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for spending a great afternoon shopping with my friend and sister.

On the fourth day on my holidays, Parris and I woke up early for a day of shopping and laughs! We wandered about downtown in the sweltering heat, looking at shops and guzzling water. We spent a good couple of hours picking out new frames for my glasses. We had such a good time in the optical place, trying on goofy glasses while my friend Parris charmed the optician. I got a wicked deal on glasses too - two pairs for $239! You can't find that in Montreal! In the middle of shopping, my sister met up with us. It was the first time seeing her on my trip so that brought a big smile to my face. I would have posted a photo of her or us but she is weird about being online - she's not the type to join sites like Myspace or Facebook so out of respect, I am leaving her out of my photoblog. The three of us ended up wandering around, doing some more window shopping and going for lunch. It was a blast!

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Kim Thomas said...

There is nothing better than hanging out with your best friend or your sister shopping. Glad you had a great day!

Me said...

AW, thanks. I really miss being in the same city as old friends and my big sister!