31 July 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for friends who are no longer "long lost".

Since I just got back from my holidays and took photographs everyday during my trip, I have decided to post a photo of from each day over the next twelve days.

On my first day home, I absorbed many sights that are truly unique to back home - the vast sky of the prairies, the sense of space of blue skies and yellow fields, the small town friendliness. I was obviously very grateful on my first day back home! I got to see my family and I got to see my cat Tiki. I ate "mom food" (and that continued over the rest of the vacation - I feel huge!).

The most surprising thing was a letter that was waiting for me. A few days earlier, my mom told me that I received a letter and she had a good feeling that it was my old penpal friend Jamie from England. Sure enough, it was from him. We have written and spoke to each other the telephone since I was 17 years old. He fell off the face of the earth almost three years ago and I did not know why. I wasn't pleased with him either - he never returned my phone calls after the London bombings. Turns out, he's spent the last while sick with a terribly misdiagnosed thyroid problem. We spent a few hours throughout my holiday chatting on the telephone and catching up. It's truly wonderful to be in touch again.

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Kim Thomas said...

This is a great thing to be grateful for! I have several lost friends that I found via my blogging and it is truly rewarding.

Me said...

Well, Kim...
This long lost friend always seems to drift in and out of my life. It kind of upsets me at times because he never really tells me why. This time he did, so he's not in the doghouse just yet, haha.