12 July 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for my self-sufficient Venus Fly Traps. This summer, my two Venus Fly Traps need no help catching flies to eat. They are doing quite a good job all on their own! I feel incredibly proud when I notice another trap closed with a shadow of an insect in it. Good job!

As well, I am also grateful for finding five dollars on the street yesterday when my friend and I were on our way to have an afternoon ice cream date. Our ice cream was free! Sadly, I did not have my camera with me so I could not capture dripping (but free!) ice cream down my leg by accident. Mmmmmint chocolate chip ice cream!

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Chad Oneil said...


Found your blog by searching for other "photoblogs". You may not consider yourself a "photographer" but I think you should reconsider. Some of your images stuck out to me...you have the creative eye.

Keep it up.

Me said...

Hi Chad!
Thanks so much for your comment! Sometimes I feel like I'm just another fool with a relatively new digital camera. I used to be into photography in high school and only recently got back into it. I'm having fun and I'm discovering that I may actually have that creative eye again, after a long time of not feeling so creative. I've been getting some lovely compliments from people such as yourself and it makes me feel quite thrilled! I've looked about at your photos and, wow, they're awesome!