08 July 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for interesting trees.

I have always thought that trees have personalities in their own special way. Perhaps, their own kind of soul or spirit. And perhaps, confessing that makes me sound like a crazy person. Some people look up at the sky and see images and shapes in the clouds. I like to look at trees this way. I like to see shapes in the bark, especially on old tress, and the way they grow out of the lush ground. Old trees are like old souls. Take a good look at a tree and you might just see what I mean.

When I was a child, I decided to make my own "secret" clubhouse in the trees of my backyard. I stupidly hammered nails into a pine tree. Sap began to pour out of the tree. My mother could have yelled at me and scared the living daylights out of me by doing so. Instead, she told me that I should not hammer nails into the tree because it hurts them - "see, they are crying". That always stuck with me and made me look at trees differently - with respect. Call me silly, if you wish!

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