30 July 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for having a truly wonderful holiday!

Welcome back, readers! I am home from my little holiday. I just spent the last twelve days in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba (also known as "back home"). I had a great time, I must admit. As usual, twelve days is clearly not enough to accomplish everything I wish to do and see everyone I wish to see. My parents overfed me for those days, I got to see a bunch of my friends, and I got to relax. I needed that.

It's always hard leaving though. I feel guilty for being away from my family and old friends. I feel guilty for leaving my man and my dog. I always feel caught in the middle when it comes to where I am. It's difficult to swallow that we are all growing up and moving on. Somehow, in the middle of all those wonky emotions, I find a place to breathe and feel like a little kid again. It was really good to be back home even though it seems like there is never enough time to fit in everything.

And...I took a ton of photographs! I have just uploaded them to the computer but I have to spend a little time cropping and re-sizing before posting them anywhere. Unfortunately, I did not really spend too much time pretending to be artistic. I was just taking shots here and there. A lot turned out fuzzy and the color is off. I returned to Montreal to find a new monitor too, which makes me happy! We were using this really old monitor that was dying. I had no idea what my photos really looked like on the computer until now.

Anyway, stop by and say hello! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer too!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Me said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back.

Me said...

I miss you guys! :)