16 July 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for knowing learning a vital lesson - do not press any buttons that you do not know what function they do.

As my old Italian boss at the hair salon used to say whenever he did something foolish (or when someone irked him), "Stupid, stupid, stupid!". Last night, I was scanning over photos saved in my digital camera. I was deleting a few here and there, making room for my trip back home. I was looking around in the other functions in the menu....

...and then I deleted ALL of my photos. I cursed and then got teary-eyed. Though I saved most of them on the computer, I intended on making a few larger prints to frame. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Anyway, sorry for the delay on posting today. Our internet connection was down for hours and then I got caught up in errands and packing. I almost forgot to post!

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