06 July 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for having a good doctor who doesn't rush me through as though I am another number. You don't know how much I appreciate that.

Last week, I saw a dermatologist. I waited three months for an appointment only to be rushed through in a matter of minutes. I swear, I waited longer in fast food line-ups compared to the time I spent in his office. I left disappointed and frustrated, without proper information and reassurance.

Yesterday, I saw my regular doctor. She is patient and professional, listening to what you have to say and never making you feel like a number. I showed her the prescription that the dermatologist gave me and expressed my doubts in taking antibiotics. She is not a pill pusher which I find rare with most doctors today (she told me that I shouldn't take the antibiotics).

So far, I'm healthy! I go back in August for a review of my iron, thyroid, and blood sugar.

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