17 July 2007

12 Days of Holidays...

Hello and good morning!

I just wanted to let my lovely readers, returning and new, that I will be going on a bit of a holiday hiatus for the next 12 days. I'm going back home to visit family and friends.

My internet access will be limited. And of course, I'd rather be spending my holiday with old friends over pints of beer or with family laughing at each other than sitting in front of a computer.

Rest assured, I will be writing down what I am grateful for each day as I do here. I must admit it will be strange to not post in this blog for the next handful of days! I'll be taking lots of photos and you will be caught up, I promise!

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a beautiful day,


Kim Thomas said...

12 Days of Holdays is a perfect reason to be grateful! Have a wonderful trip.

Me said...

Aw, thank you!
I have to say, I am having a lovely time so far! :)