27 June 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...that my dog is safe, after being a bad dog. Sigh....

I didn't wake up with the boys this morning. I remained in bed, with the fan on me. Mmm, sleep! My partner comes back, dog running to my side. Commotion. Turns out, Toshio got scared of another dog that was wearing a cone on his neck. He bolted! He ran from the park, all the way home - through traffic and intersections while the other dog playfully chased him. Apparently, a cab driver stopped in the middle of both intersections so that no cars would run the dogs over - what a good person this cab driver is! Thankfully, Toshio knew where "home" was and was waiting at the doorstep. Of course, he got scolded which breaks my heart.

I'm glad he is safe and unharmed. The woman who owns the other dog stopped by to apologize and see if he was okay, which was nice of her even though she did not need to say sorry.

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