20 June 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

"Don't break my heart!"

"Clearly, I need a lesson on anatomy," she whispered seductively.

...for spending yesterday evening at the museum! I haven't been to a museum in a good three years. I love museums, learning is sexy and it's been far too long - therefore, I am spoiling you with two photos today! So, yesterday...we decided to check out the BodyWorlds exhibit, as well as the rest of the Montreal Science Museum. I have to admit, the Science Museum itself is a little lacklustre (the one in St. Paul, MN kicks ass though!). We had a lot of fun though, as you can see. I spent most of that time taking photographs of my partner and our friends. When no one was looking, I velcro-ed body parts to myself (with a little help from my partner until he got distracted by something) and took a couple of silly photos.

The BodyWorlds exhibit was fantastic and very interesting. It's amazing to see what our bodies look like under all that skin. It isn't pretty yet there is something breathtaking and beautiful about it all. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed in that particular exhibit. I will be uploading my museum photos to one of my blogs and will let you know when it's up so see what fun we had! Ah, science!

In other news of gratitude, this morning's trip to the dentist was a great success! I don't have to go back until December unless my two wisdom teeth decide to be jerks. I'm happy today - my teeth are clean and shiny, I saw plenty of dragon flies on my way back home (I ended up taking an amazing shot of one!), and I have a purse full of free toothbrushes and dental floss! Now, if only someone would take me for ice cream....*bats eyelashes*...

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