05 June 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for feeling strong and strict, for once! This dog of mine is teaching me a lot - mainly to be stern and in control. Of course, I can't really tell if it is successful but I'm still going through the motions. Maybe I should break out the leather and whips and show my partner what I learned while he was on the road, hahaha. Bad dog....;)

I feel much more confident being alone in this new apartment compared to the last. Of course, I have a companion to sleep by the side of my bed so that helps. Everything has gone so smoothly.

However, I have my weak moments.

For example, I spoke too soon when I posted the entry about no creepy crawlies in the apartment. Last night, there was a creepy crawly and a very disturbed female (me) in the apartment. Thankfully, Toshio the Insect Destroyer flipped this very disgusting looking 2 inch millipede (or something that had many legs) onto its back. And thankfully, my partner's boot was nearby. Okay, I admit it - his boot was not nearby...I just refuse to kill a bug with my pretty Mary Janes. A girl has to have priorities.

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Anonymous said...

May the force be with you, always.

Me said...

And also with you! :P