02 June 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for the telephone. The last week or so, I have relied on the telephone quite a lot. My partner is on the road. We get to speak for a few minutes a day, catching up on what's going on on tour and at home. As well, this week was an eventful one that is making me miss home quite a lot. On Wednesday, the band played back home so I spoke to my sister to see how it went. On Thursday, it was my father's last day of work at the old repair shop. I called his work number one last time, only to hear laughter in the background and the slightly sad voice of my dad. Today is my grandmother's birthday. I will be calling her as soon as I post this.

I feel like I should be there. I feel as though I am a bad daughter sometimes, for missing out on all these events. Until I can get home this summer, the telephone will have to do.

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