25 June 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for finally booking my flight and looking forward to the day that I go home! Though I will miss my partner and my wonderful dog, I'm looking forward to going home. My last two trips back home have been complete write-offs - last summer I ended up with a severe ear infection (once again, I do not handle air quality changes well and usually end up sick after a flight) and last Christmas was the height of my dizzy spells. This time around, I am putting my foot down and I WILL have a good time back home even if I have to overdose on vitamin C! And I WILL wear that smokin' hot red shirt dress...hopefully to the Rae & Jerry's lounge, which is this terrifically swanky lounge that has a great retro feel without trying to be retro.

During my holidays, I will probably not post in my blog as I will be staying at my parents place with no access to the internet. I will be on hiatus and I hope that will not discourage my readers. I will, however, still take a photo a day and make it up to y'all!

Here's to going home! And by the way, those aren't my hands! I make a terrible paper airplane.

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