09 May 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for all the long walks I am taking, since getting a dog. I've been complaining about not getting enough exercise for a while now. Now, I have a pretty good reason to go out for a long walk. Of course, I'm not used to all this getting up in the morning and I'm walking around like a zombie - haha. And, my arm kinda hurts from him pulling on the leash. No complaints though, I'm happy to be out and using my body well.

I'm not grateful for my new pedometer, however. I could be extremely lazy in a day and somehow it always jumps to 8000 steps. That's what you get when you buy things at the dollar store! Well, at least it's pretty and matches my lipstick.

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rachel elizabeth said...

Hey there! I am in love with your blog and have been for a while now. I was reading today, & noticed that you linked me on your page. i'm not going to lie, i got the warm & fuzzies. :o) Thanks! I love this post too by the way. <333

Marie said...

"matches my lipstick" You're funny. haha. Anyway walking is good. They say here; 10000 steps of walk a day keeps doctors away.

Anonymous said...

I am Chinese,nice to see u in your blog,I like your blog so much.

Me said...

Hi Rachel!
Awww, warm and fuzzy feelings! I like reading your blog too - you should post some more, I'm a sucker for confessions! :P I hope you are well!

I really like things that match my lipstick, haha. Ah, you gotta enjoy the simple things in life! I'm taking longer walks with the dog...so I think I am getting about that many steps in!

My Anonymous Chinese friend...
Thank you for reading. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I hope you come back and keep reading!

Take care, all!