02 May 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

"Don't mess with my man."

...for being silly and chance meetings. Yesterday, we went for a short walk to pick up a metro pass at our favorite depanneur (corner store, for the rest of the world. I prefer corner store myself). We wandered around our neighborhood for a while and I took a few more photos of things and places that amuse me.

This statue is very close to my home. It is of Quebec's strongman, Louis Cyr. Back in the day, he patrolled our neighborhood as a police officer (from 1883 to 1885) as well as performing great acts of strength. Of course, I understand the need for statues of war heros and what have you. I have to admit that it's kind of nice to see a statue of an everyday man who just so happened to ridiculously strong. This statue is apparently life-sized. As I sat there, I realized his crotch was the size of my head (and I have a pretty big Ukrainian head on my shoulders). I wanted to take a photo of me with my leg wrapped around him (haha) but I felt a little dizzy at the height. Instead, there is a shot of me in front of him and on my knees, with my hand of his metal crotch but I refuse to post it here. I don't know why but my butt looks incredibly odd in that photo, haha. So you get the clean version!

So as I had a handful of Louis Cyr's metal crotch, I noticed a familiar face ride by on a bicycle. Turns out, it was this guy we met online in a Facebook group dedicated to our neighborhood! He stopped by and introduced himself, we chatted for a moment. It was really lovely. I'm getting to know my neighborhood - the history and some friendly faces.

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Marie said...

Hmm...I seems to remember you insisted that I never have a big head somewhere in the previous posts. ;p

Me said...

Oh, for once my head looks small compared to this statue's head...hahaha. Maybe all my friends just have small heads. Who knows!